A database is a special object. Information on the features of the copyright registration procedure.


    Registration of copyrights for a database has some features, but in general, the procedure is carried out according to the general scheme (see Copyright registration. General information).


    Databases are protected by copyright as composite works (collections) collected and systematized according to a certain principle. Information can be found in the database using specialized software tools. For example, the database might be a plant directory of Ukraine that contains information about plants. In order to get information from this directory, you can use a specialized computer program that provides search for text information.

   It should be understood that registration of copyrights for a database does not grant rights to copyright objects contained in this database, but owned by other persons. For example, registration of copyrights for a database of paintings by Renaissance artists does not grant copyrights to these paintings that belong to the artists.

What is necessary to register copyrights for a database?

   In order to register copyrights for a database, you will need:

  • database
  • user's guide (instruction for using the database);
  • description of the database structure
  • receipt for payment of the state fee for copyright registration.

   It is recommended to provide the database in electronic form on an optical disk or on a flash drive. In the user's guide (instruction), it is necessary to specify the name of the database, its purpose, system requirements, describe the order of installation on the computer, the order of use. Description of the database structure shall specify information about the data arrays that are part of the database. The user's guide and description of the database structure can be provided in electronic form.


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